guitar, composer, producer, sound engineer

Guitarist Peter Hertmans plays in trio with André Charlier and Benoît Sourisse (CD ‘Akasha’, Gemini Records), in Quintet with Steven Delannoye, Nicola Andrioli, Jos Machtel en Marek Patrman (CD ‘Live in Dommelhof, 2020), with Erwin Vann (CD ‘Stone Sculpture’) and in Quartet with Daniel Stokart, Theo de Jong and Lionel Beuvens (CD’s ‘Cadences’ and ‘Dedication’).

Sideman with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra (2 CD’s and as a soloist in ‘Kaneelvingers’), Greetings from Mercury (4 CD’s), Michel Herr Positive Tentet (CD ‘Positive’), Philip Catherine, Toots Thielemans, Sal La Rocca Quintet (CD ‘Latinea’), Kari Antila (CD ‘Guitar Stories’), Ode for Joe (CD’s ‘Ode for Joe’ en ‘Caribbean Fire Dance’), Alexandre Furnelle duo and Quartet (4 CD’s), Olivier Collette (CD ‘Phi’), Stéphane Mercier (CD ‘Trip’) and others.

Organised tours with Billy Hart (in 1995 and 2006) and Richie Beirach (in 2011).

Won 2 x the Sabam Prize for Composition (in 2007 and 2018).

Has recorded 10 CD’s under his own name (on Timeless, Igloo, Werf, Mognomusic,…) and is a sideman on approximately 40 CD’s.

Is teacher Jazz guitar and ensemble at the Luca School of Arts (Leuven) and at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel (Erasmus Hogeschool), where he also teaches in the Educative Master.

Selected discography

“Live at Dommelhof”, Peter Hertmans Quintet, El Negocito Records, 2020

With Peter Hertmans, guitar / Steven Delannoye, sax / Nicola Andrioli, piano / Jos Machtel, double bass / Marek Patrman, drums

Label :

“Akasha”, Hertmans/Charlier/Sourisse, Gemini Records, 2018

With Peter Hertmans, guitar / Benoît Sourisse, Hammond organ / André Charlier, drums

Label :

“Dedication”, Peter Hertmans Quartet, WERF, 2015

With Peter Hertmans, guitar / Daniel Stokart, sax / Theo de Jong,  el. bass / Lionel Beuvens, drums

Label :

“Cadences”, Peter Hertmans Quartet, Mognomusic, 2008

With Peter Hertmans, guitar /Daniel Stokart, sax / Theo de Jong,  el. bass / Lionel Beuvens, drums

Label :

“Restless”, Jean-Pierre Catoul & Peter Hertmans, Quetzal Records, 1999

With Jean-Pierre Catoul, violin / Peter Hertmans, guitar / Michel Herr, piano & kb / Michel Hatzigeorgiou, el. bass / Bruno Castellucci, drums

Label :