Kaléïdoscopes (band)

Alexandre Furnelle, double bass, compositions, arrangements
Daniel Stokart
, soprano saxophone
Nicolas Draps
, violin
Laurence Genevois
, viola
Thomas Engelen
, cello

The music of Kaléïdoscopes is mainly based on compositions and “proposals” by Alexandre Furnelle and Daniel Stokart. It is strongly influenced by current jazz and “classical” music but also by minimalist music and other contemporary approaches. 

The dreamy atmospheres are predominant.
Beside the written parts, open improvisation areas allow everyone to express themselves freely.

The frontier between writing and improvisation is not always clearly perceptible.

Kaléïdoscopes is a group where generations, genres and musical universes merge for the great purpose of the beauty of Music.


« Kaléïdoscopes » (RB06)

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The press

“Kaléïdoscopes is a cross-over quintet that gets its inspiration from classical, jazz and lots of contemporary styles. The keywords here are harmony and beauty. Most compositions are written by soprano saxophone player Daniel Stokart and double bass player Alexandre Furnelle. The band is completed by Nicolas Draps (violin), Laurence Genevois (viola) and Thomas Engelen (cello). Besides seven own compositions there’s Charlie Haden’s ‘Silence’ and Frederic Chopin’s ‘Prélude n°20 en Do min’. The choice of these two pieces illustrates perfectly what these musicians stand for: deep and well written compositions with room for improvisation, but never out of line. Music for a quiet morning or a night in need of an atmospheric artistic chill. The way these five musicians blend their instruments is amazing and the recording quality (Peter Hertmans) is nothing less than perfect for this music.”

Geert Ryssen